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Enamelpin, Moonchain

Enamelpin, Moonchain


  • Crescent moon is 39mm long
  • The whole pin with the chains and the ornament is approx. 67mm long
  • You can choose either glass drop bead ornaments or metal star ornaments
Glass Drop Beads
Glass Drop Beads
Metal Stars
Metal Stars
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My first enamel pin features beautiful crescent moon that is inspired by my own Moonchain-watercolor artpiece.
It is hard enamel pin and it is two posted and has two black rubber clutch. The enamel pin comes with a back card.

The pin has three added chains with three ornaments. You can choose between glass drop bead ornaments or metal star ornaments.

Additional information

Weight 14 g
Dimensions 10 × 5.1 cm

Glass Drop Beads, Metal Stars


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